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Yes, I know right? You go into a framing shop and there are hundreds of frame options. So, how do you narrow it down? Here are a few ideas!

how to choose the best picture frame for your artwork
Picture Framing Samples

  • Keep the design of the frame in keeping with the design of the room that it will hang in. For example, if you have an ultra modern light room then maybe simple crisp white or light coloured frames will sit really well in that space.

  • If you have bold colours on your walls choose a neutral or contrasting colour to make it ‘pop’ visually.

  • You can also pick out a colour from an area of the artwork and use a matching coloured frame to highlight that detail.

  • Is the artwork itself really bright and powerful? Maybe choose a frame that doesn’t visually interfere with the visual impact of the work?

  • What style is the artwork? How about matching the level of detail in the work to the detail of the framing? For example, the artwork has a very old world look with a lot of fine detail - maybe go with an ornate frame (like you’d see in a museum). If the artwork is of a very natural subject like a forest scene or landscape - maybe a natural material or timber frame would look good?

  • Still have no idea what you like? Did you know it’s often easier to say what you don’t like to narrow down your options. Think about the things you dislike…for example, hate the fake woodgrain look? don’t like bright egg yolk yellow or shiny hot pink? can’t stand metallic finishes? Then you’re on your way to making a great decision already!


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