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So you want to create art but there’s so many things you could paint or draw - how do you narrow it all down and define what your work needs to be to satisfy your creative drive?

View a wide range of artwork in a gallery to help define your taste in art.
Finding Your Favourite Art In The Gallery

Here's an idea you might like to try out to find your art style:

  • Go and visit a gallery that is showing a large and diverse range of artworks. (You might want to write down notes because that can help you remember your feelings later).

  • As you walk around the gallery pay attention to the types of work that you are naturally attracted to.

  • When you find those works ask yourself “what is it about this painting that makes it stand out from the others for me?” It might be a combination of colours like aqua blue alongside rusty orange, or the fine detailed lines of a print, or a washy dreamy quality of an abstract work or the realistic accuracy of an object thats been painted. For sculptural work it might be the smooth shine or hard angles of a surface, the way the light is reflected or travels through a 3D piece, or maybe its the scale of the work, teeny tiny or taking up half the room.

  • Keep going around and write down a word for each one you really liked. For example, when I did this test years ago my words were “fine detail, warm colours, contrasting colours, old world colours, beauty” …for me it actually didn’t matter if the painting was of a flower or a train or whatever, it was all about the beautiful colours and tiny details.

  • From these words you can make your own statement about “I would like my art to be…."

  • When coming up with ideas about “what” to paint, you can use your keywords as a starting point, like “I am going to put that gorgeous pink colour next to a pastel green and make a washy shape/old car/flower/set of lines or whatever.

  • I’ve found that the art of “really looking” is a huge part of being an artist and you can use this in-depth investigation to define what it is you like, and what you would like to reflect in your work.


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