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Loads of people seem to be taking short evening or weekend art classes these days, but is it right for you? Let’s discuss a few things to help you decide.

Beginners painting with guidance from an art tutor
Classes Can Provide Good Techinical Info For Beginners

What are you hoping to learn?

Find the right class, For example if you’re wanting to learn pottery then you definitely need to seek out a ceramics class. If you’re wanting to learn painting you can learn a lot of general painting skills from a class in any painting medium (acrylic, oil, watercolour).

Do you want to connect with other new artists in your area who also want to start their creative journey? Local art classes can be a great way to meet other like-minded people. Having friends with creative brains who know what you’re on about is a really great thing!

What do you want to avoid?

Don’t like large groups? Worried you might get negative feedback or feel pressured to make something you don’t even like?

Tailor your art class search and find the set up that suits you so that you feel comfortable expressing your artistic vision in that class space. The most important thing is...

...feeling that you are in a non-judgemental welcoming space.

Often beginner classes offer a 'set theme' painting where everyone paints the same thing. This gives you experience on using various brushes/tools onto your canvas. There is still plenty of scope for originality in classes like these because you still get to choose how you apply your paint (thin & smooth details or impasto/impressionist) and how many colours you choose for tonal range in your image.

Ask the promoter or tutor about class sizes and options for what to paint in the sessions. A good tutor should be able to cater for you wanting to put your own spin on a preset theme.

Talk to your tutor and/or look at their social media posts to get an idea of what they’re like as a person. It’s easier to feel relaxed about learning something new when your tutor is a good match for you as a person.

If you really want to forge your own direction one to one sessions can provide a bit more freedom. Don't be shy to approach local artists as many 'old hands' are happy to oblige, and if they can’t then they might know someone that does do solo sessions. There are also many online course options for people who prefer to create using pre-recorded sessions or live via zoom.


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